Lacuna A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure


System requirements Lacuna A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Multi-core 2.5GHz
Video card: GeForce 750M / GeForce GTX 650
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 3 GB


Lacuna A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure

Murder. Breaking into. Explosion. And now a war is raging in the solar system – but you can stop it. In the Lacuna A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure 2D quest, Investigation Officer Neil Konrad is faced with increasingly difficult questions and you have to help him find solutions. This is how you work with the Bureau of Investigation Neil Konrad. One night, you are woken up with the news of a murder, and you rush headlong into an investigation that is destined to turn your life and the entire solar system upside down. Ask questions, collect evidence and evidence, build theories, and the disgusting truth will be revealed to you … If, of course, you are lucky.

More about the game

No step back. The ramifications of the plot and the ending depend on your decisions. And nothing can be rolled back. Of course, you can run the game in one sitting – if you are prepared for the consequences. And if you play the cards right, you may even survive.

What are you ready to go for? There are questions for which there are simply no correct answers. Are you ready to give up your friend for the safety of your loved one? Or expose a loved one to the blow, so as not to risk the lives of many? What will you choose: keep silent and keep the fragile peace or reveal to people a terrible truth that will turn everything upside down?

Features of the game

Classics are classics, but in Lacuna you will not see the typical quest tricks:
Mouse Control / Platformer Control (WASD or Controller)
The illusion of selection of dialogue threads / Conversations that only sound once
Inventory organization, surprise puzzles / Atmospheric, story-driven challenges
Pixel hunting / Optional highlighting of active zones
The plot stops at every puzzle / constantly moves forward
Important decisions and many endings.

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