System requirements KOJOUJI:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: FX 6100 or better
Video Card: R9 380x or better
Disk Space: 6 GB




It is time to relax and try not just to have a great time. But also to investigate one unusual and even strange case. In the game KOJOUJI you have to go to an abandoned factory, where there are a lot of secrets and secrets. In addition, not all of them will be so pleasant, and some will be completely creepy. All events began to happen after the workers of this factory began to die, and then other people suddenly began to disappear, even just passing by the building. The first few cases were attributed to a commonplace accident, however, then it became clear that this was a constant phenomenon. So you should investigate and try to find out all the details.

More about the game

The main difficulty in the game will be the presence of a stronger opponent who will confront you. Previously, he was also an ordinary person, but then research and new technologies became his mania. And he began to implant various implants. And here is the result: artificial intelligence has almost completely absorbed his consciousness and brought to a state of insanity.

He turned into a real maniac who is constantly looking for new victims, eats human flesh and lives in this factory. You go straight there to try to figure out what is happening. But before you begin to take any action, you need to download the KOJOUJI torrent completely free on our games portal. Do not forget that your opponent has excellent intellectual abilities, you cannot catch him with cunning.

Strange factory

In addition to the fact that such a powerful creation will become the main antagonist in the game, so you still have to study the factory premises, because it is also not as simple as it might seem. And the more you learn the details, the more terrible the overall picture will be. At this very factory people were once tortured, experiments were put on them, and this was precisely what caused the appearance of evil. But without outside help, these forces would hardly have succeeded. It was they who actively helped.

Game features

The game will be very exciting and interesting, you can even make some really shocking discoveries. So rather, follow the link to our game portal to download the KOJOUJI torrent there for free. It is time to immerse yourself in a gloomy and creepy atmosphere, where you have to show not only your ability to concentrate, but surrender to the full. Demonstrate dexterity and achieve victory, otherwise the maniac will overtake you. We have no doubt that you will show your best results. Try not to fall for the tricks of this crazy person and take care of yourself. Have a good game and have fun!

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