Knock Harder

System requirements Knock Harder

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10;
Processor: 1600 MHz;
RAM: 4 GB;
Video card: Geforce GT 720m;
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible;
Free space on hard disk: 150 Mb;



Knock Harder

The Knock Harder game project will allow you to plunge into a multi-stage dream. Be prepared for the fact that at any moment the dream can end, and you wake up. Try to find out as much as possible of what you are interested in. Strange events may unexpectedly turn into a dream for you. The only way to wake up can be death, because the main thing is to monitor the timer so that the consequences of all events are not sad. If time is up during sleep, then your character has died. The main goal of the game can be determined: become a reality. Do not lose vigilance, because every awakening can become a reality. But you must not allow this.

More about the game

The main thing in the game Knock Harder, to understand where the dream ends and reality begins, but it will not be easy to do. You will encounter a difficult problem, but, nevertheless, it must be solved, moreover, very effectively. You can kill yourself many times in a row, but you must know for sure that this is a reality or a dream? In general, everything is much more difficult than it seems at first glance. Moving into your next dream, try to find evidence that you are not in reality. For example, a monster, some strange phenomenon, or something else. In the event that evidence is found, death will be immediate. If you can’t find anything, you will have to make an important decision – wait for the timer to end or commit suicide.


Yes, the plot and events in this computer game are very confusing and quite original, but this is what makes the gameplay fun and interesting. If you want to plunge into this strange world where dream and reality are intertwined, then we recommend that you Knock Harder download torrent for free from our gaming site. When developing a computer game project, the creator was guided by what he personally encountered. He was always attracted to strange things, which are very difficult to explain in ordinary words. Nothing will happen if you just look at strange things. To get out of sleep, you have to kill yourself, because in this case there is no other option and cannot be. But those who are sure that the real world surrounds him, will encounter a ticking timer, and will be forced to die in the real world.

Game process

The main task for Knock Harder players will be the release of their constant dream levels. You need to be careful, because in case of an error, you will have to face serious consequences and even failure. But then, everything will need to start all over again. The events described in the plot remind the story of the film of the same name by Nolan. Now the gamer will become a member of this film. Different difficulty levels are given, and each user will be able to choose the right one for himself. Therefore, the game is suitable not only for beginners, but also for experienced users.

Knock Harder game will delight you with unique gameplay, beautiful graphics, and help you understand a lot for yourself, determine your exact location. Enjoy your surroundings, even if it’s a dream, do whatever you want, and even die. This is the only way to get out of sleep. But if you are in reality, then there will be only one death. In general, it all depends on your subconscious and desires. Be careful in your desires, because the results of their implementation can be different, including fatal.

Game Features:

Users will be able to enjoy a unique game, where it depends on his decisions whether he dies in a dream or wakes up.
Sleep has many signs, and in this project there are more than 200 of them, both primary and secondary.
The authors combined two graphic styles in one project.
Excellent musical accompaniment makes the gameplay even more atmospheric and unique.

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