Knack 2

System requirements Knack 2

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10.
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2Ghz.
Video Card: 512 MB video memory.
DirectX: Version 9.0c.


Knack 2

The success of the Knack action made the developers think about the release of the continuation of the game and after a while the players were able to enjoy the second part of this project. In Knack 2, once again you will have to save the world from danger, but this time everything will happen in a completely different way, and not like in the first part.

For example, the main character became much stronger, and the time of his transformation into a car was reduced, so this allows the use of wider tactics. In the Knack 2 game, which you can download torrent from our website, you can personally verify all the innovations, as you can play this wonderful third-person arcade platform game with pleasure. His main feature is the ability to transform the protagonist, which helps him to overcome any of his rivals or overcome some difficult places that he can’t go through in an ordinary body.

More about the game

The main character of the game, as the name implies, is called Knack. In the past, he almost single-handedly saved the world from a terrible disaster that arose literally from nowhere, but threatened all life on the planet. Victory became possible because Knack is the only one who is the heir to a very ancient technique of reincarnation, which allows him to become a real monster from a person or take on a different guise.

Indeed, only from one glance at this mechanical monster the blood freezes in its veins, but that is not all. After his transformation, he becomes much stronger and can easily crush any, even the most dangerous enemy. Given that in the new part, Knack’s capabilities have become even greater, it is expected that opponents will be stronger and more dangerous.

Game process

In the game Knack 2, download the torrent that we recommend from our portal, you have to fight with many enemies that attack our world. The developers went to meet the players and simplified the management of the main character to add dynamics to the game. Also among the changes are Knak’s broader capabilities in his mechanical appearance, as well as updated graphics and storyline.

Knack has many possibilities, but you cannot use them all at the same time. But the player has the opportunity to independently choose in advance what features are needed and activate them in order to get quick access to them. In addition to saving time, Knack will thus consume much less energy, which in any case will be useful in future battles.

But there will be battles, and not one. In the end, you will find the final battle with the most important opponent, the winner of which will be able to dictate his will to the world. Considering that your enemies have been preparing for this battle for more than one year, you should not expect this battle to be simple. But if you are ready for it – immediately you need to download Knack 2 torrent and join the battle.


Knack 2 is an adventure action platformer that allows you to play both in solo mode and together with a partner. Among the features of Knack are various blows, with both hands and feet, a shield with which he can defend himself from enemy attacks and block them, and much more.
As you progress through locations and gain experience, Knack will be able to pump his skill tree, wide enough. The abilities and skills of the protagonist are updated with the help of Relic energy, which must be collected. There are more than thirty perks in the tree of abilities, so what will be downloaded.

Also, for the convenience of players, the developers implemented a checkpoint system where control recovery takes place, made first-aid kits that allow you to replenish your character’s health, and much more.

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