Kingdoms Reborn

System requirements Kingdoms Reborn

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit)


Kingdoms Reborn

Settle people in a vast desert in a new game called Kingdoms Reborn. The developers of this game project were inspired by Banished, Anno and Civilization. This interactive stands out for its complex gameplay, resources, together with technological capabilities and updates. You can play with your friends this game in reality. You can be allies or opponents in the same open world.

More about the game

You will fight with the main character – a famous leader, who is trying to carefully arrange his residence in a huge uninhabited desert. The task is difficult, because all responsibility for each decision will be solely on you. Carefully study the territory of the area, earn precious resources and various things that may be useful to you. So you can learn to act effectively in the future and not incur losses. Depending on your progress, your work will develop all the time. You will have to learn new technologies and try to negotiate with stronger powers. Kingdoms Reborn torrent download is free on the specified game portal.

Game process

Do not forget that the people you rule need to eat and rest in addition to work. They are the same as you and me. Choose the mode you want to play. In the game Kingdoms Reborn, you will have access to both single and multiplayer modes. Build contacts with your neighbors: trade, help, steal or compete. Plunge into this interesting story. Explore the habitats of this world, because each of them has its own resources, its own flora and fauna. For several centuries you will need to look after a small village with a small population and, step by step, turn it into a developed civilization. Enhance in-game action by creating maps, rules and contacts.

Game features

Go out with your product to the world markets, where you can set prices yourself. Although this is not a unique event, the game still remains good, because it gives users everything that almost all such strategies traditionally give them. At first glance, this is an ordinary survival game, where you must first of all survive in order to correct deficiencies in resources and revive the desire to build something. But at the same time, it is a full-fledged urban planning simulator in which every gamer at the end of the story is set by the desire to build the same city.

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