Kingdom Rush Vengeance

System requirements Kingdom Rush Vengeance

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel or AMD
HDD: 5GB free space



Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Computer game Kingdom Rush Vengeance will please fans of dangerous adventures with a mass of unique and unusual tasks. You have to hit the road in the company of a wizard, having previously enlisted the support of an army assembled personally. The task of the gamer is to realize everything that the cunning wizard Veznan conceived. Prove to everyone that it is you who are capable of becoming the boss in the kingdom! The game project will delight the emergence of new lands, battles and other interesting chips. The return of the magician was predicted, but no one believed in it. Now he is ready for a lot to gather an army of many thousands and to subjugate all the states.

More about the game

The result and the fate of all residents depend on your skill in Kingdom Rush Vengeance, decisiveness, and the desire to win. Prove that you are not afraid of dangers and difficulties, and are ready to go to the end. To destroy all the enemies you have to place the weapon in the most suitable position, otherwise the result will be the opposite. Launch attacks when your opponent least expects this. Your main task is to gradually take over the entire map, take command of the Dark Army, and successfully cope with all attacks and opponents. And the enemies will do everything to disrupt your plans and prevent you from taking over the country.

Story line

It is necessary to clearly think over your goals in order to act consistently, to work on battle tactics. Feel free to go ahead, show your opponents that you are not ready to give up and give up your dream, and you will succeed. To evaluate all the advantages of this computer game, you need to download Kingdom Rush Vengeance on a PC torrent, using the capabilities of our game storage.

Users who have never before tried their hand at games created in the strategy genre are better off starting their gamer path with the Kingdom Rush Vengeance project. Here, all the details and components are well-designed, there is traditional mechanics. This game is convenient to play on a smartphone, as the developers adapted their project for this platform, and made it as clear as possible. During the passage, users have to earn points, create a defense system, engage in the construction of towers, with which you can destroy enemies. We also have to pay time and attention to the infantry, its recruitment, training and management. The project has many other, no less exciting features that the player will get acquainted during the passage.

Game features

The project has many features. The main ones are:
New towers appeared, and each one has a set of unique abilities and capabilities.
The choice of different arsenals of towers, which allows you to collect many combinations to overcome enemies.
Three countries, 16 stages – all this awaits each user.
The management is given 9 heroes, ready to follow any of your instructions.
A huge number of enemies who want to destroy you.
Assault kingdoms and destroy three kings.
The main character has acquired many new skills.
To win, use gems and various items. Their number is very large.
Do not forget to improve your army.
Solve secrets, look for Easter eggs, achieve your goals.
The ability to play without an internet connection.

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