Kingdom of Night

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OS: Windows
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Kingdom of Night

Immerse yourself in extreme action RPG that breathes classic 80s horror movies. The game was created by Black Seven Corporation and released by Dangen Entertainment. Download Kingdom of Night torrent for free and start a campaign in a small American town in Arizona. Local occultists tried to establish a connection with the world of the dead, and as a result of a seance, they inadvertently awakened the ancient insidious deity Baphomet. The latter desired to stay in the mortal world, for which he needed to marry an earthly woman until the sunrise. And the choice of Baphomet fell on Ophelia, who was immediately stolen and hidden in the Leviathan church.

More about the game

Players control a character – Ophelia’s neighbor, the young man John. The latter has a great mission – to save the girl from the clutches of evil and prevent the attack of the undead and other otherworldly creatures. To do this, you need to defeat 5 demons-generals, who will not let you just get to Baphomet. The deity Baphomet himself will act as a boss in the final right on the eve of the marriage ritual. In the genre of role-playing games, the most attention is paid to the system of arcade battles. In the meantime, the player explores a huge world and completes direct and side quests, one way or another related to the main mission.

Game features

At the very beginning of the campaign, the player will have to choose from 9 classes, each of which is characterized by special skills and specializations. In this regard, Kingdom of Night offers a wide variety of skill tree development. In addition, all the selected improvements will directly affect the further development of the plot. The city itself is an open world, fully accessible for free exploration. In this case, the player himself chooses in which order to defeat the demons-generals. Do not forget to check secret paths and nooks and crannies, look wherever possible to get unique items and data necessary to fight evil spirits.

The game perfectly combines two-dimensional design with intense arcade action. Visually, it resembles the masterpieces of 16 cue balls and old computers.

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