System requirements Кeyg:

Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
CPU: 1GHz +
Video Card: 128 MB VRAM
Free space on hard disk: 60 Mb




We recommend that you pay attention to the puzzle game called Кeyg, which implements a unique control mechanism and stunning locations. Moreover, here is a very original character. This is a cube that is engaged in the salvation of exactly the same creatures as himself, and also travels through the surreal world.

More about the game

The game world of Keyg is presented in the style of a regular keyboard, where each key is presented as a separate room-level. You can perform actions by pressing a button, then the main character will move. The game also has tips that will show which buttons to click. You will have to react quickly, otherwise you may lose.

Story line

There will be a lot of puzzles, in addition, each subsequent one will be more difficult than the previous one. At first, you will only learn how to play correctly, solve simple tasks. And then you have to run away from dangerous triangles and try to reach the security zone with all your strength, otherwise you will be destroyed by the red texture. In order to demonstrate your attentiveness, you need to download Keyg torrent on our Internet resource for free. You can complete the levels by trial and error, so if your character is destroyed, then you can restart the level. All locations pass very quickly, in just a few minutes, so you can’t focus on a specific mission.

During the execution of tasks and solving puzzles, a story will be told about this world and about your character. Along the way, you can save some other figures, they will also tell you about themselves. At a new level, a unique task awaits you. In most of them, you will have to quickly respond and press the keys, as well as memorize numbers.

Game Features:

the key component is the keyboard;
the graphics are made in the genre of minimalism, there is an original physics and mechanics;
the plot is very interesting, the musical arrangement is matched to the atmosphere of the game;
Hardcore mode will require you to respond faster and faster.

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