Kaze and the Wild Masks

System requirements Kaze and the Wild Masks

OS: Windows 7 or newer
Processor: Intel Core i3 M380
Video Card: Intel HD 5000
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 1500 MB
Gamepad Support: Full


Kaze and the Wild Masks

It’s time to embark on a fantasy journey where you will have to visit the Crystal Islands. The creators of the game were inspired by the classics of platformer projects, which were popular in the 90s. You can download the torrent Kaze and the Wild Masks at the specified link on our Internet portal. You will try on the role of Kaze, the main character who set off on a journey to save the life of his friend Hogo. He contracted a terrible disease, which is common on these islands. Using masks, someone does terrible magic.

More about the game

Get out of your hole and get to work. The ancient power of the Wild Masks, which is able to cope with any enemies, will come to your aid. Unfortunately, a certain charge of energy is needed for the call of force, so it is impossible to use it endlessly. Attack immediately a large cluster of enemies to destroy them with one blow. Tear out the weeds with the root, because after a while they are also able to mutate into monsters. Collect crystals to charge strength, and monitor your health. Replenish this indicator in time, avoid direct collisions with enemies and do everything possible to win. Download Kaze and the Wild Masks for free from our website.

Game features

You need to appreciate the power that comes from the ancient masks, because they give a lot of skills.
Guess all the secrets of the Crystal Islands, find evidence and artifacts, for this you will be given more than 50 levels.
Immerse yourself in the world of nostalgia, because this game is a complete prototype of classic platform games, however, equipped with a frame-by-frame image.
No one promises an easy way, because the presented game is quite complicated and will take you quite a lot of time to complete.

On this page you can download the game Kaze and the Wild Masks via torrent for free on PC.



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