Karos Online

System requirements Karos Online:

Operating System: Windows XP, VISTA, 7,8,10
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.8 Ghz or higher
RAM: At least 512MB
Video Card: GeForce 5600 or equivalent
5 GB of free hard disk space



Karos Online

For fans of role-playing online games, we present a cool multiplayer online role-playing game. Playing this game, you will plunge into the unusual world of Azmar. He is endowed with a mythological substance, which is called – Fletta. The substance allows you to use magic, and be a powerful warrior, and even achieve divine power. In order to have the strength and take control of the flatt, you will need to study the curse and do your best to become the mythical fighter of Karos. And if you can’t wait to play, download the Karos Online game right now using a torrent and plunge into the mythical world of magic.

More about the game

When the races realized that flatt was very important, since, with its help, you can create strong equipment and possess magical power, everyone wanted to have it in their power. Fletta is limited, it will not go to everyone, therefore, everyone is constantly fighting a fierce struggle for the right to become the owner of the largest possible share of flatt.

If you join a guild or clan, then be prepared that you will need to fight for your territories weekly. In this scenario, you will win the title of the best guild or the best clan. All the features and features of the game Karos Online are becoming available gradually, therefore, you will have time to learn the rules and figure out the details.

Characters of karos

Karos Online has created four different races, each of which has its own class:
People are universal fighters. People are well versed in how different types of weapons can become paladins, and as a result have the ability to heal comrades.
Vanisians – usually this race uses firearms.
Shadows – professional killers or deadly magicians, whose spells can destroy a huge number of opponents.
Series – perfectly master any consciousness. This race is very fluent in beams.
As you can see, all the characters are unique in their abilities. From the existing races, you can assemble a strong group for tactical development of a further plan.

Faithful companions

In any game, it does not cost untrusted comrades who help the main characters in the fight. For example, in the game Karos Online, you can meet animals on your way that belong to your species of race. The animal will give you the opportunity to shift your load on it and ride on it, as well as share your burden of heavy travel. Since there are many who have magic among satellites, you can use them for different purposes.

Game features

The game Karos Online has long been a leader in multiplayer games in this area. It is constantly being improved and developed in order to surprise you with something new. Download the game, create the character you like and develop, travel and make new loyal friends, and never give up. You will be delighted with the graphics and fun of the game. The time in this game will fly by quickly and leave behind only vivid emotions. Good luck!

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