Kane Lynch Dead Men 1

System requirements Kane Lynch Dead Men 1:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Processor: Pentium IV 2.0 GHz
RAM: 1 Gb
Video Card: 128 Mb
Sound Card: DirectX® 9.0c compatible
Free space:: 6 GB (game), 15 GB (installation)


Kane Lynch Dead Men 1

The computer game Kane Lynch Dead Men 1 was created by the same author as the exciting project Agent-47. It contains cruelty, a gloomy atmosphere, a lot of horrors and fear, and all this describes the frightening story of the main characters. There are two of them, they were sentenced to death, as they were partners in their bloody deeds. One was a traitor mercenary, the second was a man with a mentally ill, stuffed with drugs. They will become a team. After all, only in this way will they be able to stay alive and answer a large number of questions that concern them, which are related to the past, and also affect their future.

More about the game

The new story about Agent 47, which is presented in the game project, and you can download Kane Lynch Dead Men 1 via torrent now. You will transform into the role of the hero of the action movie, and you will become paired with two villains who have been pronounced death sentences. Yes, of course, the team you got, you can’t imagine a better way. But everything has already taken place, and now we have to adapt to the circumstances, or radically change them. They have to go through many tests in order to survive, and at the same time answer many questions.

Game Features:

– The modern world is increasingly associated with violence. Cruelty in any of its manifestations causes negative emotions in passers-by. The crime scene can be absolutely any platform, bar or bank, other institution or street. Your task is to make the outbreak of panic benefit you.
– The game is filled with amazing effects, exciting scenes that are breathtaking. Demonstrate your ability to shoot on the go, transform into special forces and act as a professional, as well as many others.
“Kane is given a gang of criminals to manage, and they will be able to provide assistance in difficult situations, cope with difficulties, and at the same time avoid losses in your battles.”
– It will be interesting to play with a friend, especially since your team consists of two people.

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