Kaku Ancient Seal

System requirements Kaku Ancient Seal:

OS: Windows 7
Memory: 8 GB
Video: Nvidia GTX 660 / GTX1050 or AMD Radeon HD7770
HDD: 20 GB of free space


Kaku Ancient Seal

The Kaku Ancient Seal game, which you can download from a torrent on our website, is a cartoony ARPG that tells the story of the life of a primitive Kaku boy. He explores the world around him with a cute pet and looks for lost temples in order to gain the strength of the ancient elements and save his people, who are threatened by the invasion of the forces of evil. This game will appeal to everyone who loves unpretentious adventures in a beautiful surroundings and is willing to spend many hours exploring an interesting original world. Together with the main character, the player will visit many locations, such as snow-capped mountains, hot deserts and deep caves.

More about the game

The main features of the game Kaku Ancient Seal, which you can download from a torrent, is a large degree of freedom. The player can explore the vast open locations as he wants. Fighting enemies and monsters, Kaku uses three types of weapons, combining fighting styles for the quickest and easiest victory. The game also includes puzzles that Kaku will find in ancient temples.

Game features

To solve them, he will need to use the power of the elements, which he will master during the passage, and the skills of his charming pet. To deal with puzzles, Kaku Ancient Seal will need to make some intellectual effort. Traveling through the primeval lands of Kaku will meet many interesting adventures and communicate with other characters, gradually learning the history of the world and making important decisions that affect the development of the plot. The unusual graphic style of the game will appeal to everyone who loves cartoons, because the game looks like a well-drawn animated film.

Download Kaku Ancient Seal from the torrent and go on a primeval adventure. Explore the open world of the game, tame pets, fight enemies and create your own unique story!

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