Jupiter Hell

System requirements Jupiter Hell:

OS: Windows 7 or newer (64-bit)
Video Card: OpenGL 4.3+
Disk Space: 2 GB



Jupiter Hell

Not so famous, but already having its own audience of fans, Chaos Forge studio decided to please its fans with a new development called Jupiter Hell, which will allow to set off a little adventure and try to survive. The fact is that the game Jupiter Hell is a turn-based Doom, where you will again fight with hellish creatures and perform other actions to save the column and clean up the territory.

At this time, will manage only one character, which you can equip, develop and arm. Using different skills, weapons and environments, you have to fight simultaneously with dozens of enemies, who this time began to break out on Jupiter.

It is terrible to imagine what the consequences may be after active battles on the gas planet, but nevertheless, it is necessary to destroy the creatures, as it is necessary to rid the galaxy from such a dangerous and unpredictable enemy. Download Jupiter Hell torrent for free, you can now, but it is worth preparing in advance, as the battles will be quite complicated and will require drastic and detailed thinking through. But we believe in you and know that you will definitely save the galaxy and at the same time be able to survive. Good luck!



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