JUMANJI The Curse Returns


System requirements JUMANJI The Curse Returns

Operating system: Windows 7
Processor: Dual Core, 2 GHz
HDD: 2 GB hard disk space
DirectX Version: 10
As well as: Keyboard, mouse

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JUMANJI The Curse Returns

Jumanji The Curse Returns is an excellent adventure game based on the famous 1995 movie, The Cursed Board.

The best way to leave this world

The game resembles the plot of the movie Jumanji, only in this game, you will play the role of the main character and feel the whole exciting adventure on your own skin. Throwing the dice in turn, you and your three friends will have to read intricate riddles and get ready to meet terrifying mutant plants and various terrifying creatures. It is very important to use certain items and use bonuses wisely and use your skills wisely, since each round is limited in time. If you are a fan of the legendary film and dream of plunging yourself into this fabulous adventure, then we recommend downloading JUMANJI The Curse Returns torrent to your pc.

Stop the Jumanji invasion!

Players and their friends will need to do their best to resist Jumanji, otherwise he will take over the entire city and invoke the mysterious jungle! It is necessary to interact with each other and match certain items from the cache in order to hide the threat once and for all in the chest under the lock. On your exciting journey, you will meet: fabulous elephants, rhinos, crocodiles and even, fight against creeping vines trying to grab you into their trap.

Key features of the game

Matching items.
Cooperative gameplay.
Use in determining the time required items to win the rounds.
The presence of 4 players.
The presence of a multiplayer mode, allowing you to play with family and friends.

If you are missing great adventures, you should definitely play this game. Since the game will undoubtedly cheer you up and return you to childhood!

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