Juicy Realm

System requirements Juicy Realm:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1.8 GHz Processor
Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 5500
Optional: OpenGL 3.2+


Juicy Realm

Distant future. Gradually, plants go to the very top of the food chain, and people go down a notch, watching with despair and regret. For many years, mankind regarded plants as soulless and meaningless creatures, but all this time evolution has been doing its job. Gradually, the beginnings of the mind began to appear in plants, consciousness formed, and limbs grew. It took hundreds and thousands of years, but as a result of the evolutionary leap, the process accelerated sharply and black days came for humanity. This is all presented in the game Juicy Realm.

More about the game

In a few months, something happened that evolution would spend millions of years and plants become the crown of evolution on Earth. In this world that you can get into when you decide to download Juicy Realm from a torrent on our website, there is a fierce struggle between plants and people forced to fight for the existence of their race.


In the game Juicy Realm, the download of which we offer on our website, you will be one of the first to discover a colony of intelligent plants. Having assessed the scale of the threat, you join a unit that has received a very important task – to destroy this colony.

But to do this is very difficult – you have to get into the very heart of the colony, and along this path you will have many opponents. Therefore, equip yourself with the most destructive weapons and wait for fierce battles with your new enemies. Moreover, you can play both yourself and with your friends – for this there is the possibility of connecting via a local network or through the Internet.

Features Juicy Realm:

A huge selection of weapons and equipment available to equip your hero;
High detail of the game and spectacular special effects;
The possibility of arranging and expanding your camp;
Randomly generated locations with numerous caches, artifacts and bonuses;
Solo mode and cooperative game on the local network.

On this page you can download the game Juicy Realm torrent free on PC.



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