Jon Shafer’s At the Gates

System requirements Jon Shafer’s At the Gates

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32-64bit)
CPU: 1.6 GHz
Video Card: X1950 Pro, 7900 GT
Disk space: 2 GB


Jon Shafer’s At the Gates

Jon Shafer’s At the Gates is a project that allows you to immerse yourself in a game strategy. This project was developed by the author of the popular project Civilization V. During the collapse of the Roman Empire, you are the main one in a small settlement, which, on occasion, grow into a large kingdom. To do this, you need to conduct clan management, study neighboring territories, maintain control over reserves and try to create an invincible army with a developed economy. Click on the game to download Jon Shafer’s At the Gates torrent and build your powerful power.

More about the game

The expansion of its territory is not as easy as it could show at first. In order to strengthen its position, it will be necessary to negotiate with neighboring rulers. To do this, have to wage war or apply diplomatic skills. The game also hosts a gradual change of seasons in the year. Brave rulers can go look for the treasures of the Far North, it will further strengthen their place in the board. You can download the game Jon Shafer’s At the Gates torrent right now using our site.

Game features

Jon Shafer’s At the Gates is a project in which the world around us changes with the changing seasons. So, when the cold comes, the river at your settlement will freeze, which will give you the opportunity to attack the neighboring land or enemies may attack you. The success of the gameplay depends on how correctly you distribute responsibilities among your subordinate clans. Each of them needs an individual approach, as they are unique and the success of the developed strategy will depend on this. And the graphics in the style of watercolor can not but rejoice your look.

Game benefits

Taking advantage of the season shift;
The style of play is distinctive;
The ability to fight with neighboring powers for the right to own their territory;
You can find rare resources by starting exploring neighboring territories.

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