Jet Lancer

System requirements Jet Lancer:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Core Duo E7300 / Athlon II X2 270 or better
Video card: GT 640 (2048 MB) / HD 4850 (1024 MB)
Disk space: 300 MB


Jet Lancer

Do you want to take part in crazy fights in the air? Try on the role of a desperate mercenary who goes to the distant future to fight against enemy forces. You have a deadly battle with giant killer robots and malicious pilots. The character will have to run away from death at supersonic speeds. The game Jet Lancer, which you can download torrent on this portal, will give a lot of cosmic emotions and adrenaline.

More about the game

Do not want to retreat and decided to fight a terrible enemy? Get ready for battle with the deadliest loot – huge robots. What do you prefer to use – a reliable rocket swarm or megalaser? Or are you so confident in yourself that you can destroy the enemy with a multi-barrel machine gun or afterburner cameras, and all this with a minimum level of health?

Game features

The user will go from a rookie mercenary to a professional pilot in a single round. A favorable outcome does not depend on the level of modernization of equipment and weapons. The result depends entirely on the skills and coolness of the pilot. Unleash the potential of your aircraft and defeat the enemy together. Use non-standard weapons, taking into account each specific task. This will be an unequal battle, where the baby plane will have to confront the huge killer robots. However, dexterity, logic and competent tactics will help to achieve good success.

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