iZotope – Neoverb 1.0.0

System requirements iZotope – Neoverb 1.0.0

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

iZotope – Neoverb 1.0.0

IZotope Neoverb is the smartest reverb plugin for music producers created by the developers Ozone and Nectar and using the legendary Exponential Audio technology. Effectively design unique environments, reflections and spaces for vocals and instruments without distorting the mix. Get to an inspiring starting point quickly with the new Reverb Assistant, which guides you through settings in a simple four-click process.

More about the program

Combine three different reverbs at once using the intuitive Blend Pad to mix Halls, Plates, and Rooms in seconds. Shape and tame the reverb tails with intelligent Pre and Post EQs that listen to your sound and make suggestions. With iZotope – Neoverb 1.0.0, you can focus on creativity and give up trial and error. The new Realtime Reverb Assistant helps you select and mix reverb to suit your creative needs. The AI-based EQ section listens to your sound and helps you avoid artifacts, dirt and masking.


Explore the expanded panel and dozens of vocals and instrument presets and add your own personal touch. Whether you are a new producer honing your craft or a veteran of your latest project, Neoverb helps you get great reverb sound in less time. Neoverb is designed to help you speed up your mix and easily find the right reverb combination for your mix. The Blend Pad allows you to intuitively blend three reverbs in a single plug-in, so your instruments and vocals sit in their own unique environment.

Key features

The new Reverb Assistant helps you mix the reverbs according to your creative intent, adjusting the advanced parameters for you with an optimized real-time workflow.
IZotope – Neoverb 1.0.0 AI Equalizers listen to your sound to give you a great reverb tone for any track. Use Pre EQ with Auto Cut to automatically clean up the input signal to sound its best before adding reverb. Reverb EQ with built-in masking meter and automatic unmasking of the input signal help you control the reverb in your mix. With Neoverb, you can achieve great reverb sound without lengthy plug-in chains or routing during a session.

What else is interesting?

Get great reverb for any track with a simple 4-step wizard that adjusts the iZotope Neoverb settings in real time. Create sophisticated custom reverbs without wasting time on menus. Choose the size and style you want, while the program automatically selects and mixes reverb combinations and advanced settings as you move the sliders. Add some vibrancy with four different tone selections that further adjust your reverb to give you dark, airy, vibrant sounds. The Reverb Assistant listens to your sound and makes additional EQ suggestions for the purest possible reverb sound.

On this page you can download iZotope – Neoverb 1.0.0 for Mac OS for free via torrent.



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