Isles of Adalar

System requirements Isles of Adalar

Operating System: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit version)
Processor: Intel i5-750 / AMD Phenom II X4-945.
Video card: NVIDIA GTX 760 2 GB.
RAM (GB): 8.0.
Free space on HDD (GB): 10.0.

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Isles of Adalar

Now time in the company of friends will fly by. Isles of Adalar in multiplayer mode is what you dreamed about. Play RPG with your comrades, achieve success and forward to new victories, with your comrades. The multiplayer mode for four players is open in the game Isles of Adalar, free download torrent in Russian, which you can now. Now you can independently change the scale of any battle without losing the quality of the picture for a single game. The game will appeal to not only new players, but also experienced gamers, there is no doubt about it.

More about the game

The developers of this project created it as an “unlimited RPG.” An interesting storyline is developing dynamically, all kinds of mods are constantly being added. Thanks to game updates, you can get even more pleasure from the process. Through the use of the level editor, the first version of the game was born. If you are crazy about mods, then here you can use the developer tools.

It is difficult to make an adequate modding from the existing tools, so it is planned to further improve the game. While the main storyline is devoid of additional content, but it can be activated. Such an innovation will allow players to access bioforms and landscapes, new opponents, etc.

Role-playing gamer look

A little analytic nature of the construction of dialogues immediately catches the eye. In many ways, the development of the history of Isles of Adalar depends on the character you have chosen, which is quite natural. The main emphasis is on the text communication system. What does it give? Now you can interact with the characters. Only before it did not have to wait for an answer, but now other characters can also respond to the dialogue. The effect of real presence is created, which causes genuine interest. Enemies clearly build communications and can respond even with humor, something like – “I will not lead it.”

Particular attention is paid to pumping speech skills. Achieve original answers is possible for those gamers who are able to convince the enemy of the originality of their character. The logic of the presentation of information and the context in which it is presented play into the hands of all participants in the gameplay.

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