Island of Winds


System requirements Island of Winds

OS: Windows 8.
Processor: Intel Core i5-4690 / AMD Fx 8350.
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Video card: NVIDIA GTX 1060 / AMD RX 480.
Disk space: 40 GB.

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Island of Winds

This is an adventure game that tells the story of the Keeper of the Balance. She protects the world from devastation and chaos, and when required, she enters into confrontation against the forces of evil. Recently, the keeper had to change her shell and appear in a new guise, but she did not manage to. The mentor and main guide has been kidnapped and now the world is on the brink of destruction. You have to play as a young girl and try to rectify the situation, but for now we recommend just downloading the Island of Winds torrent on your PC in order to get the opportunity to get to the Island of Winds and try to figure out the situation. The main character does not know how to fight, but she possesses knowledge and is extremely agile. This will be enough to save the world and destroy evil.

Unusual folklore

The atmosphere of the game will be the main asset of your adventure. After all, the events of the game will take place in Iceland of the 17th century, which will convey the entire atmosphere of that time. Unusual legends, monsters and spirits, all will be interconnected, like evil. At first, you have to carefully study all these areas, and only then try to fight against them. But we are sure that such a result will not disappoint you and you will try to save the world, which has already begun to darken and cave in before evil. The last bastion of confrontation will be the Island of Winds, where evil must be contained so that it does not fall into the open world.


Puzzles, connected stories and unpredictable outcomes will all serve as the basis for new discoveries. You will only need to navigate the environment and be able to resist evil. And first of all, do not forget to download Island of Winds via torrent, and after that the unique story will become available and will intrigue from the first minutes of the game.

Game features

An unusual adventure atmosphere with roots in Iceland.
A fabulous mythology that will become the main clue in battle.
Free exploration of the island and coastal locations.
A dangerous evil that can devour everyone.

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