System requirements IronSight

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Video Card: GeForce 9600
Disk space: 8Gb
DirectX: 9
Network: Broadband internet connection



We present you IronSight – colorful multiplayer shooter from the Korean corporation HYPERLINK. You are facing battles from the first person, for which you need to choose one of the 2 largest military cooperatives. Players can play on the side of the Net energy development or support the North Atlantic forces. All large-scale battles unfold in huge colorful locations, saturated with interactive objects, landscape subtleties and changing weather conditions. According to users, the IronSight torrent from the official site is needed by everyone, since the game is gaining popularity and is seeking leadership among the most sought-after Korean shooters. This is facilitated by 2 key points taken into account by the developers.

Why do you need to play IronSight

First, the high detail and high-quality graphics in combination with modern animation and accuracy of the battles can not leave indifferent. The atmosphere of the game is achieved thanks to the modern cool engine Iron Engine. As a result, IronSight overshadowed Korean competitors in the shooter genre for a short period, and then “went over the heads” of well-known AAA category leaders. The engine is characterized by the following features: post effects (bloom and others), active generation of fractals, pro-pixel organization of lighting, modern Schraders (vertex and pixel), etc.

Secondly, the battle scenario provides a truly dynamic and addictive gameplay. Players had the opportunity to fight on 14 different maps, and in the arsenal of modern and futuristic weapons that can be modified. The chip of the game is the fact that the more often a user uses a certain weapon, the more characteristics for him are revealed in the process.

Also, the modification of guns can be found in the loot after a successful battle, or purchased for virtual currency. The latter is charged to players for performing daily tasks or for participating in battles. In addition to the functional, aesthetic modifications are also provided for guns. Iron Sight offers users access to other means of retaliation such as combat walkers, drones, etc. Also, players can use active and passive skills to summon powerful artillery, launch point attacks, control modern robot-killer, etc.



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