System requirements Inverted:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Video Card: TBA
Disk Space: 1 GB




Inverted is a computer game for those who like puzzles. Users are waiting for a new universe, filled with numerous tasks and challenges. The character suddenly finds himself in a huge gloomy castle, and now he faces a difficult task – to find a way out and quickly get out of this place. He has only charisma, the ability to charm girls, and he also has the ability to change gravity. Gamers will have to figure out how and where to apply these capabilities and skills.

More about the game

Users will be transported into an atmosphere filled with fear and horror, and they will have to cope with their indecision, wandering in the dark, listening to numerous voices and rattle. Get ready for an intense adventure! If you agree to be in a terrible game world, then you just have to download Inverted via torrent for free from our website and proceed with the passage.

Game Features

The design in the game is made at the highest level.
Great music.
The creators have applied modern graphics.
The game will please with a pleasant, intuitive interface.
Easter eggs are represented in large numbers.
Gamers will have a challenging adventure with many levels.

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