System requirements Inventioneers

OS: Windows XP and later
Processor: CPU with SSE2 instruction set support
RAM: 1 GB of RAM
Grafik: Graphics card with DX9 (shader model 2.0)
Disk space: 300 MB



The Inventioneers project offers to become a real inventor of various funny things. The player is given control over assistants – engineers, each of them has various features, thanks to which you can create almost anything. Additionally, the game implements puzzles, for the successful solution of which access to new inventions is opened.

More about the game

In this game, you can create your own crazy and funny inventions! With the help of engineers, your little assistants with unique abilities, you can create funny, interesting and even strange inventions. The game includes a large number of different puzzles, and the more you solve them, the more your own inventions you can create!

Features of the game

– little helpers will help you study many physical and other laws in relation to various subjects – magnetism, air, fire and others.
– implemented the ability to share your inventions with friends and see their creations, and as a teacher, you can type your class.
– Over 100 different inventions in 8 chapters.
– Convenient and simple interface for creating any inventions.
– over a hundred different ingredients / elements to create.
– neutral characters waiting for your help.
– individual features of engineers – Maggie, Freezy, Magneta, Bunny, Zappy, Sporty, Blaze, Windy.

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