Invention 2

System requirements Invention 2:

Operating system: Windows XP and above
Processor: 2.0 GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Video Card: Integrated and Better
Sound Card: DirectX 9
Disk space: 500 MB



Invention 2

If you are familiar with the Invention project, you will surely be glad to know that a game called Invention 2 has appeared, download via torrent, which you can easily on our website. This is the long-awaited sequel, in which you again have to go to the mysterious island located in the middle of the ocean, where the top-secret biological laboratory is located.

Here a group of mad scientists is working on a unique drug that can allow an ordinary person to get incredible abilities, but what consequences and side effects this can lead to, scientists have not yet been able to figure out. As it turns out later, it was under the influence of this virus that the experimental turned into horrible monsters that attacked people. Moreover, this virus is extremely contagious, so the infection spread throughout the island almost instantly.

Your hero gets into a plane crash – his plane crashes over this island. Getting out of the remains of the plane, the hero of Invention 2, which can be downloaded via a torrent on our website, finds with horror that everything around is teeming with zombies. You will have to make a lot of effort to get out alive from this dangerous place, just teeming with enemies. Of the features worth noting the beautiful and dark graphics, as well as sound, creating the appropriate atmosphere.



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