Invasion Machine

System requirements Invasion Machine:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Core i5 2Ghz; SSE4 or better
Video Card: GTX 970 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 3 GB


Invasion Machine

Here is just an amazing Invasion Machine game, in which there are also RT elements. Here you will become a real commander of troops in the occupied province. Your task will be to deal with the chaos that has reigned, as well as to eliminate your opponents, save the civilian population, collect all the values ​​and take care of your army.

More about the game

For those who wish to embark on such an exciting adventure, you just need to go to the specified link and download the Invasion Machine torrent for free on our Internet portal. You will be transported into the world of politics and military confrontations. The leadership, which will be optimal for the represented region, has not yet managed to become in power.


After the local government was defeated, there was a shortage of human resources. This, in turn, led to the emergence of criminal groups, the development of the mafia and drug trafficking. If all this does not stop, then the country will be covered by a real civil war with strikes and complete chaos. In Invasion Machine, you are the commander of the Peace Garrison, and your task is to stabilize the situation, restore order and tranquility, and also help the new government enter into its legal obligations.

Personal mission

To fulfill your duty to society, you must first earn the trust and favor of the people. Most residents are convinced that political structures only destabilize their lives and make them unsatisfactory, therefore they treat them with contempt and outright hatred. To gain public confidence, you need to remove all criminal groups, neutralize the opposition and not forget about the introduction of social innovations and humanitarian assistance.

General mission

Politicians are mostly engaged in internal strife and they have only one goal – to obtain the coveted power in the region. And since you are the commander of peacekeepers, you must act calmly and confidently during this entire incident. Minimize casualties among your soldiers, do not lose supplies and resources during the battle, and do not let political intrigue decorate the front pages of newspapers.


The Invasion Machine storyline has 8 narrative chapters. After the war ended, the invasion began, where you were in a leading position. But at first you will only lead a small platoon and with already worn out equipment. For transporters, the armor is so weak that it can barely hold, and forest camouflage will be of little use in the desert. However, your group of soldiers is well aware and quickly learns, so as soon as you can get valuable resources, you can stay alive. The campaign will end with elections and the reign of peace and tranquility in the province.

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