Into the Breach

System requirements Into the Breach:

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1.7+ GHz
Video Card: Intel HD 3000


Into the Breach

In the game Into the Breach you will have to take command of huge robots whose task is to protect humanity and the Earth from a new, unknown danger. It appeared not from outer space, but from the bowels of the earth – incomprehensible creatures with terrifying speed sprout literally through the earth and attack everyone who moves. The only way to save humanity is a war to a victorious end.
For successful operations you will receive experience that can be spent on improving your furs. Also carefully study the strategy and tactics of the enemy to find his weaknesses and inflict a crushing defeat on him.

More about the game

Into the Breach is a computer game, in the vastness of which you will get acquainted with the history of people who managed to recapture their home planet from the invasion of various kinds of alien creatures. They managed to distinguish themselves by the fact that they decided to use people as cheap labor and it is clear that this does not please anyone. Thus, you have to learn how to use the new weapons in such a way as to ultimately destroy enemies right and left, because the developers made this game especially for science fiction lovers. After all, as soon as you can get to the territory of the game, you will immediately find several dozen Easter eggs, referring to such famous films as Terminator, Aliens and other creations of the twentieth century, graphics in the spirit of the old school pixel art hint at this.

In this case, the main weapon in the hands of people are special robots, with which you will beat off alien creatures of various sizes. The developers even used the cooperative mode as a passage, which means that you can destroy alien freaks along with your friend, which of course is also good news. In addition, you will be shocked at how far the events have gone, because people are treated like slaves here, which infringes on their rights and makes us think about what a good world we live in.

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