Into A Dream

System requirements Into A Dream

Operating system: Windows
Processor: Pentium 4 3.2 GHz
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 / AT Radeon HD3650 with 256 MB of memory
DirectX Version: 9.0c


Into A Dream

Human experiences and disorders are the most difficult to understand and practically unpredictable in terms of the psyche. Today we want to introduce you to the hero of the game Into A Dream, named Luke, who has long suffered from a terrible depression, which gradually absorbs and destroys him from the inside. And before leaving this world, Luke allows you to enter it and try to deal with all the experiences that torment him so much. And if you manage to find answers and salvation, then you can save him. But we immediately warn you that it will be difficult to do this, especially when it will be necessary to make important and key decisions.

More about the game

Dealing with all the problems of a person who has an unstable psyche is a difficult undertaking. But it is even more difficult to understand his thoughts, fantasies, consequences, etc. As for you, you have to carefully examine the human brain and try to help him overcome all the problems, dead ends and even darkness. All these problems will be presented in an extremely unusual format, which will require maximum concentration and readiness to make important decisions quickly. In any case, you need to download Into A Dream via torrent on your PC for free and try to achieve all your goals.

Last hope

Surely you already guessed that you are the last hope of this person for salvation. All kinds of confusion is going on in his head, which will be presented in the form of difficult solutions, puzzles and other similar directions. You have to gradually solve all this and try to achieve a good result so as not to lose hope of salvation. First of all, you should simply download the Into A Dream torrent on your PC, and only then you can be active and achieve a good result.

It’s time to reveal yourself from the most unexpected side – a psychologist. Try to go through all the problems, solve all the problems and save the human soul. Yes, it will be difficult to take such steps, but no one bothers you to carefully understand all the nuances and try to choose the right path. Human psychology is limitless in terms of fiction, so get ready to meet the most unexpected companions and incarnations of fantasies.

Game features

An original plot that is closely intertwined with the human psyche.
An incredible atmosphere that will make you think about a lot.
Psychological tasks and the ability to choose the development of the plot.

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