Inner Riddle


System requirements Inner Riddle

OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3-6300
RAM: 6 GB of RAM
Video card: NVidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB
DirectX: Version 11
Disk space: 5 GB


Inner Riddle

Inner Riddle is a puzzle adventure game that will let you puzzle your brain over numerous riddles. The very place where your hero finds himself is a huge mystery that will have to be solved. After waking up, your character looks around and discovers that he is in a very strange environment. Trying to find a way out, the main character eventually comes to the conclusion that there is simply no door that leads out. Perhaps the path to freedom lies in a completely different place, and it is this that has to be found.

More about the game

You will have to act exclusively according to the rules of this unusual location. Solve puzzles and solve puzzles, the answers to which will become the necessary clue. From time to time you will have to make difficult choices, and the consequences of this decision will certainly affect your further progress. Sometimes your hero will plunge into the abyss of despair from hopelessness and a huge number of obstacles that will stand in the way. You can download the game Inner Riddle only on our website.


Faced with yet another mystery, carefully look around in search of clues. They can be hidden everywhere, so remember to move or flip furniture, rummage through papers, or even look under the floor. However, even with a well-known algorithm of actions, you will have to puzzle a lot over how and where to use it correctly.

Game features

The main plot of Inner Riddle is revealed with numerous hints as we move forward. The events taking place will keep in suspense until the very end, which will definitely not let you get bored. Find the only possible exit route and try to follow it using the minimum number of attempts or hints to achieve the best result.

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