Infinity The Quest for Earth

System requirements Infinity The Quest for Earth

Operating System: Win7 64-bit
Processor: Intel Dual-Core i3 or i5 3.4GHz
HDD: 20 GB hard disk space
Video card: Geforce GTX 680


Infinity The Quest for Earth

We present to your attention the space game Infinity The Quest for Earth. It combines spaceship simulator and RPG. This is not just about a huge universe, but about an open world, that is, there are no loading screens – the landing on the planet and the return flight take place in real time. In addition, the game’s world is procedurally generated, meaning the environment will always be unique wherever you direct your ship.

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It is important to emphasize that if you decide to download the Infinity The Quest for Earth torrent, then know that this is a multiplayer online project, so gamers will have to fight and trade with each other. By the way, this game has an interesting feature – there is no clear script here. Players are free to do whatever they want: explore star systems, mine resources on asteroids, explore different planets, come into contact with other civilizations, trade, arrange epic battles …


Moreover, it is not even necessary to fight here – you can fully devote yourself to trade or the peaceful exploration of endless space. And this, by the way, is very interesting, recall that Infinity The Quest for Earth is a simulator. That is, the control of the spacecraft is carried out directly by the gamer. The pilot can also leave his cockpit and go for a walk in open space. Captivating, isn’t it?


It was noted above that Infinity The Quest for Earth does not have a set scenario, but the plot is present. The game will tell us about a mysterious phenomenon that threatens human civilization. Soon after people learned to travel between galaxies, something strange, completely inexplicable, but very terrible happened – women were deprived of the opportunity to bear children. This means that humanity is on the verge of complete extinction.

Game features

It was not possible to find out the reason for this terrible circumstance, but information appeared about the possible salvation of civilization. It is connected with the far, distant planet Origin … In general, gamers have to go in search of this mysterious planet in order to find out the circumstances of the anomaly and save the human race. Forward!

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