Infestation Germany

System requirements Infestation Germany

OS: Windows 7 (improved support for 64-bit OS)
Processor: 2.4 GHz Quad Core or better
DirectX: 9.0b.
Disk space: 3 GB of free space
Sound Card: compatible with Windows.
Optional: Broadband Internet Connection



Infestation Germany

Today we offer you to plunge into a new online project, which can rightly be called unique. It is called Infestation Germany. In this game, different genre orientations, time frames, game technologies, features of game processes of different games were mixed.

More about the game

The main events in the game are associated with the onset of the zombie apocalypse, because you have to survive in a world where almost everyone is affected by a dangerous virus. Almost all of humanity, and this is about 90%, is struck by this and the infection and therefore have turned into real bloodthirsty monsters. However, they will not be the main threat to you. Oddly enough, but those who survived, instead of uniting, began to steal and kill others as soon as possible. But you still try to find people who are ready to join forces in confrontation with terrible monsters for their own survival. This game has a cooperative mode that will give you the opportunity to play with friends. To do this, you first need to download the torrent Infestation Germany on our online portal.


So, based on the features of the storyline of Infestation Germany, all the events take place today. Germany became the epicenter of zombie virus infection. However, you should know that this is not the Germany we are used to seeing, this one is more like its retro version. People here do not use innovative technologies, there is no Internet, mobile gadgets and even cars. After all, it is still not invented. Therefore, the majority of the population is engaged in the fact that they work in the fields, live in small settlements and do everything possible to survive. But the world has turned into one big zombie world, where almost everyone has become the walking dead and are ready to devour everyone.


The game Infestation Germany is made in a top view format, and the main task for you will be survival. Remember that it will be much more difficult to survive alone, therefore it is better to gather in groups, then it will be much easier to resist zombies. You will have to fight not only with walking corpses, but also protect your supplies from looters and thieves. Explore all locations, improve the abilities of your heroes, collect valuable resources, can make strong armor and make protection for your territory from zombies.

Game Features:

the opportunity to play with your friends online;
dynamic gameplay;
non-standard approach to completing tasks;
excellent graphic design;
huge space to explore.

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