Infernal Radiation

System requirements Infernal Radiation

Operating system: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD FX equivalent
Video card: GTX 660
RAM (GB): 8.0
Free space on HDD (GB): 3.0


Infernal Radiation

The gloomy environment has always attracted great interest from players and lovers of interactive adventures. Therefore, we are ready to please such users and offer simply download Infernal Radiation torrent. This time you have to go to a small village, which herds are victims of demonic influence. The evil spirits have penetrated almost every corner of this population and now plans to forgive their dark networks even further. Therefore, the locals, who are still conscious, decided to confront the evil spirits and summon an ambitious exorcist who acts outside of any rules.

More about the game

No, this is not an action movie or an action game, this is a story about how sometimes breaking the rules can help save the lives of many people. You will become exactly the priest who must deal with evil spirits. You will be armed with prayers, holy weapons, no mercy, and even forbidden artifacts. Many simple priests tried to fight the darkness, but they failed. It’s time to take drastic measures that will not leave from darkness and shadow. We suggest you not to waste time and immediately download Infernal Radiation via torrent for free. There are many discoveries ahead of you, memorable encounters and the fight against darkness. We wish you good luck!

Game features

– the opportunity to become an exile, an exorcist who was able to curb darkness;
– the game is presented in the genre of a quest with a non-linear passage;
– original visual style;
– unpredictable outcome of the adventure;
– the opportunity to become a powerful fighter against the forces of darkness.

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