Infected zone

System requirements Infected zone:

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: i5-4450 or better
Video card: gtx260 or better
Disk space: 4 GB



Infected zone

Already from the name of the project Infected zone, we can conclude that you will have to fight for survival again, shoot at opponents, study territories and complete assigned tasks. Also, do not forget to use logical thinking when you go through the infected zone, where zombies and other creepy creatures are found. The authors of the game were the studio WAEUNION, which created this interactive for computers with average parameters.

More about the game

If you want to try your hand, you can follow the specified link to our website. There you can download the torrent Infected zone for free and appreciate this game, which combines survival and crafting. In this case, everything will be done in a retro style. You will become the defender of the territory from zombie attacks. So, horror is definitely provided for you, and the gameplay will take place in a top-down format. It is also worth noting the presence of pixel graphics and false three-dimensionality, this will definitely appeal to supporters of old-school projects. Discover a new interactive world where you can save all the items you need in cells, improve your base, adapt to natural conditions and try not to become food for cruel zombies. The game has a single player campaign mode.

Story line

So, our main character in the game Infected zone got into the very epicenter of events. The city was infected with a strange unknown virus, and the infection happened very quickly. The inhabitants of the city did not even have time to really do anything to avoid this infection. You were among a small group of people who were lucky enough to stay alive and now they are watching how the zombies are leading everything. They are waiting for the government to take action. But you can also not wait for this, but simply take everything into your own hands. The main thing is to properly manage the available resources.

Game features

The further development of events will directly depend on your choice, because you can turn the game into a logical strategy or a bloody shooter. If you liked this project, then we recommend that you visit our website and download the torrent Infected zone. Build defense towers, points with manpower and gather squads of soldiers to destroy zombies. It is also possible to build comfortable campsites for survivors. And do not forget that in the conquered territories you can engage in farming activities.

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