Imp of the Sun


System requirements Imp of the Sun

OS Windows 10.
Intel Core i5 4460 processor.
Disk space 6 GB of free space
DirectX Version 11.
Video card Nvidia GTX 950.
Sound card: integrated or better

Imp of the Sun

This is a cool and fast-paced 2D platformer inspired by the culture of Peru. We suggest you download Imp of the Sun torrent for free on our website.

End the eclipse once and for all!

With the help of the disappearing energy, the Sun created a fiery son, and instructed him to bring back the fallen kingdom, captured by the traitors. To return life and light to humanity, the character needs to use his fiery power, reflexes and wisdom, while moving through the dungeons with ruthless opponents.

Inner fire – will conquer everyone!

Users will play the role of the son of the Sun and will explore the immense environment in 2 D graphics, moving through challenging levels and quickly fighting against various enemies. During the passage, the hero will acquire new skills and strength. On the way, players will meet people with whom to load up and listen to their interesting stories. If you are interested in the game, we advise you to download Imp of the Sun torrent for free.

Key features of the game

Beautifully hand-drawn and thought out to the smallest detail, the world in the Peruvian style.
21 unique items based on authentic relics.
Improved gameplay.
The presence of the soundtrack of the Peruvian culture.
Five angry bosses, each with their own background. You can fight them in any order.
Eclipse Mode, for an incredible experience in a mysterious kingdom.
Strength can be obtained from fire.
Fire will help illuminate the path to the dark kingdom.

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