Immortals Fenyx Rising

System requirements Immortals Fenyx Rising

Win 7 x64
Processor: Intel Core i3-560 3.3GHz
AMD Radeon R7 360X


Immortals Fenyx Rising

If you thought that the Old Gods would no longer help the world, then do not rush to such conclusions, because now each user has the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in a new adventure that will allow you to learn a completely different story about the confrontation between titans and gods. As it turned out, the gods themselves had nothing to do with it, and in the battles they did not take such an active part, but attracted heroes who had to do all the difficult work. Therefore, in the game Immortals Fenyx Rising, you have to take control of the situation and try to achieve success in this difficult business. Get ready, you have to fight alone and sometimes against dangerous enemies.

More about the game

The main feature of this adventure will be that you will control a hero who resembles a Valkyrie. Wings, great strength, armor, and a sword can all be used to achieve a good result. At the same time, the main character will not be so simple and will be open for development and acquisition of new skills. In the future, a large number of new types of weapons, power techniques and much more will appear. If you analyze the entire environment correctly, you can succeed. And the first thing you need to do is download Immortals Fenyx Rising via torrent on your PC for free.

Dangerous enemies

It should be noted that this time you have to go on an adventure that will delight you not only with an interesting protagonist, but also with dangerous enemies. Huge and dangerous titans who crush everything in their path are ready to fight the main character and literally destroy him, using all means for this. In this world, you will find a completely new story about how the Titans conquered worlds and territories, and your main character will become the last hope for the salvation and liberation of the world from these dangerous creatures.


You have to take responsibility and try to realize the full potential of the hero, who is forced to fight alone. But first of all, you need to download the torrent Immortals Fenyx Rising on your PC in order to take action and perform feats. The ancient world will become a unique place for a pleasant pastime. Try to use the available opportunities correctly and complete all available tasks.

Game features

A huge colorful world with Titans as invaders who are definitely not happy with your presence.
A strong and brave hero who can use a variety of skills to win.
Tactical battles that require not only attention, but also the ability to use the environment correctly.
Gain experience and distribute it across all available skills to make the hero truly invincible.

On this page you can download the game Immortals Fenyx Rising torrent free on a PC.



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