Immortal Realms Vampire Wars

System requirements Immortal Realms Vampire Wars:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Quad Core 3.2 GHz
Video Card: Geforce GTX 770 or better, DirectX 11
Disk space: 8.2 GB



Immortal Realms Vampire Wars

Few would refuse to reveal the secret. Users get the opportunity to take part in amazing events that unfold in 12 unique missions and 4 locations. In the game Immortal Realms Vampire Wars, you can play as 4 vampire overlords, each with their own goal. Create the most real vampire families, leading the command over 3 clans with troops unique in their abilities and characteristics. All characters are well thought out, as well as the game mechanics itself. Control the bloodthirsty Dracul Dracula, the Nosfernus from the ancient Nosfernus family, and the talented Moroia mages.

More about the game

The game takes place in a huge fantasy world in which people and vampires live together, keeping their relationships in peace. Some feed on blood and use the life force of mortals in order to stay alive themselves, while others, people, are just trying to survive and obey their patrons in everything. The whole world was once divided by three factions of vampires into three parts – they tolerated each other for a long time and did not touch, but everything changed when a new vampire war began. It is in it that you will have a chance to participate. The game allows you to develop specific vampire characteristics. At the same time, the mechanics are supplemented with interesting elements of playing cards. So, each family and manager has its own set of cards that can be combined to enhance their own capabilities.

Game features

The game will appeal to fans of strategic and tactical maneuvers. You can lead entire hordes of vampires, recruiting new recruits and comprehending new technologies in the strategic “kingdom” mode. You can train tactical skills in the dynamic “battle” mode, where bloodthirsty battles in the literal sense of the word await you.
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