Image Exif Editor 5.1.1


System requirements Image Exif Editor 5.1.1

OS X 10.11 and newer
64-bit processor
Interface language: English, multi

Image Exif Editor 5.1.1

This is an easy way to view and edit EXIF ​​metadata of images. Image Exif Editor 5.1.1 has been designed to provide as much detail as possible about how the photo was taken in a clear and easy-to-understand format with powerful EXIF ​​metadata editing capabilities. It is the most powerful tool for handling EXIF ​​information in your favorite images.

More about the program

The easiest way to edit Exif data. You don’t need to know more details to change image metadata, Image Exif Editor gives you many visible presets for choosing Group Image. Editing of Exif data is supported.
Batch editing images, you can apply modification of one image to another, and you can modify or clear exif metadata. Visible geolocation and camera information. You can see the location where your photo was taken on the map, and you can easily drag the pin to change the new location for your photo.


Image Exif Editor 5.1.1 has improved GPS geolocation. Batch rename of files. Now you can rename image files using Exif image data, in addition to other fantastic renaming features. Export Exif data. If you want to save exif image data or share it with others, you can export exif image data using .cvs or .edu exif data formate. Cloning Exif data. Batch detection and replacement of EXIF ​​image data

Key features

Quick Search makes it easy to find and edit Exif metadata. Redo undo support for batch editing. Easily find the edited field of different color and identify the edited image by the image status icon. Ease of use user interface. Support for most image formats: Jpeg, png, dxv, cr2, crw, mrs, tiff, dng, nef, pef, sr2, srw, orf, Pgf, raf, eps, xmp, gif, psd, tga, bmp, jp2, etc. .d.

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