System requirements Ibatic

OS: Windows 10
Processor: 2Ghz
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Grafik: Dedicated recommended
Disk space: 1 GB
Gamepad support: Full

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This is an arcade adventure game that offers to take the opportunity to go through a lot of different tests as an unusual creature. You will travel through a fantasy world in which this creature has a unique ability – to create an energy platform for further movement. But in order to personally make sure of the effectiveness and feasibility of such an opportunity, you first have to download the Ibatic torrent in order to go to carry out all the tasks and try to effectively use all your new capabilities. Just be careful, because the landscape in this world is extremely dangerous and any negligence can become fatal for the main character.

Plenty of opportunity

An interesting feature of your adventure will be the flexible installation system of the energy platform. You can place it in any position and slide on it. Horizontal platforms are not always useful for you, sometimes you will need to create vertical variants and even extremely narrow variations. In general, all this will depend on your understanding and attentiveness in order to overcome all the available obstacles. Try to soberly assess the whole situation and try to effectively use any available opportunities to achieve a good result. We are confident that you will enjoy this adventure format and will be able to demonstrate your experience and skills.


Now you just have to help this mysterious creature pass all the tests and get to the finish line. And why the creature is doing all this, we will not disclose, let the very atmosphere of the game tell you the importance and significance of this event. And at first we want to suggest just downloading Ibatic via torrent. Ahead you will find many different discoveries and opportunities that will delight you with their extraordinary options for passing. We wish you good luck and all the very best!

Game features

An unusual journey into a completely new world.
A unique opportunity to create energy objects.
Riddles and tests that only the worthy can pass.
Be careful, any negligence can be fatal.

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