System requirements HYPERCHARGE Unboxed

64-bit processor and operating system required
OS: Windows 7.
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550.
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640.
DirectX: Version 11.
Hard disk space: 5 GB.



The presented game project mixed different genres. Here is a dynamic and exciting shooter, and a strategy for protecting the tower. In a word, you will not be bored. This idea was put into practice by the well-known company Digital Cybercherries and, of course, this option has the right to exist. You can download the HYPERCHARGE Unboxed torrent on our website, and it’s completely free. In this game you have to play as an ordinary plastic soldier. Yes, such a slightly unusual hero is waiting for you. But his task will be to save the nucleus from the evil enemy. The value of the core is that if it is destroyed, then all people will forget about cartoons, comics, toys and will be “constantly adults.”

More about the game

According to the storyline HYPERCHARGE Unboxed you will find many action-packed and exciting battles with the enemy. At the same time, the locations for these fights will be very different: this is the living room and dining room, even just in the yard, etc. Before the battle begins, you can make several traps for the enemy, plant a couple of mines, take yourself an automatic weapon. Be sure to properly strengthen your bases, which should be protected at all costs. To do this, you have an excellent arsenal of weapons. Also, before each battle, consider the presence of a full charge in weapons, ammunition, and everything else. Toy batteries will not be able to constantly hold a charge, so think about an additional source of energy.

Game features

In the process of passing the game HYPERCHARGE Unboxed gamers are awarded points that can be used to improve the characteristics of your character and leveling abilities. Next, you will discover new skins, with which you can change the appearance of the hero and his equipment.

The presented interactive entertainment has both a single player campaign and a cooperative mode. In cooperative mode, up to 4 people are available at a time. You can play on the network or on a split screen. You can arrange competitions against each other, you can join in groups and play teams. The atmosphere of the game is simply amazing and captivating from the first crumple. Graphic design is also at a high level. The developers have worked hard, creating this virtual world, it looks well thought out and realistic.

On this page you can download the game HYPERCHARGE Unboxed torrent free on PC.



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