Hybrid Wars

System requirements Hybrid Wars

Operating system: Windows 7 +
Processor: Core i3 3.2GHz or equal
Free space on hard disk: 12 GB
Video card: nVidia GTX 275 or AMD Radeon HD-7770 or better.
DirectX: Version 9.0 or higher.


Hybrid Wars

Imagine the future. You remain in sight of hundreds of mechanized robots, which are constantly watching your actions. What should be done in such a situation? Find your own savior hero who will allow you to fight back against the wrath of the robotic aggressors. All equipment, vehicles – they all refused to obey man. And then a great danger hung over the human world. But to protect the human race, one brave and very determined hero of the game Hybrid Wars will become, for whom you will have to play.

More about the game

The hero will be a pilot of a fighter plane, who must do everything possible to end this confrontation. How can such a task be completed? You need to learn how to control your own flying vehicle. And as a pilot, only you can stop the crazy robots. They are all just waiting for the opportunity to deliver the decisive blow. But you are very good at getting along with similar technologies of the future. So, you are waiting for an incredible game with a stunning storyline and beautiful graphics.

Game features

If you make the right decisions, then success will not keep you waiting, and you can achieve your goal – to stop the war and save all of humanity. You will receive the title of winner and hero if you can defeat all the robots. You can download the torrent Hybrid Wars on our game portal for free. The game is made in a somewhat non-standard format, only after studying all the nuances and details of the gameplay, you can achieve a favorable outcome.

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