House Flipper

System requirements House Flipper

Support only 64-bit systems
OC Windows: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 3.20GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2 GHz
Video card: GeForce GTX 560 / AMD R7-260X


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House Flipper

House Flipper is a game in which you need to break, crush, break, demolish and turn the walls of the house into dust, then remove all the garbage and build its own masterpiece in the form of a dream home on its foundation. Take under your start a new repair team, get your first dilapidated building and turn it into a work of architectural art, and then find buyers and sell a brand new house more expensive.

The game organically combines elements of a simulator, management, design and realism. The player will literally be able to reshape the house with his own hands, and it is far from a rearrangement of furniture and interior change. You can redo everything from planning to the overall visual style. Take the standard construction tools in your hands and start repair work.

Break the wall? Easy! Build a new partition elsewhere in the house? Easily! Change outlets and wiring with them? No problem at all! To solve all these problems, the user has a set of basic tools: a hammer, a drill, a sledge hammer, a hammer drill, and others. Play in free mode, displaying your creative potential to the maximum, or simply cooling your passion for the exciting destruction process. Enter the career path and complete the tasks set by customers, while earning money.



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