House Builder

System requirements House Builder

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5
Video card: NVidia GeForce GTX 750
Disk space: 5 GB


House Builder

We recommend that you take a closer look at the new original construction simulator called House Builder. You will be able to build houses that look similar to ordinary African houses, but are not inferior in complexity to innovative architectural structures. Also travel around the world to see the diverse creations of world architects. You will have the opportunity to build a clay cottage in Africa, a needle in the Arctic, a Canadian house, a log house in Siberia, a standard house made of brick, concrete, compressed air, etc.

More about the game

During the construction of each of the above-mentioned houses, hundreds of parts have to be used, which must be installed in accordance with building codes. Due to the large assortment of tools and various options, you must find time for your own leisure. Moreover, it should be not only fun, but also with the receipt of new information. You can make a comparison of technology, because the construction of houses in the game is presented in great detail. Taking into account some of the properties of elements and materials, it will be possible to improve some skills, as well as use the elements of the hands. You can download the House Builder torrent on our game storage for free.

Story line

Take a look at how different construction techniques are. You should learn how to use quality materials for your buildings, adhere to technologies in the process. Brick houses are built step by step, element by element, and so on from the very foundation to the roof. All buildings have their own unique physical characteristics, but they must be used very carefully and competently. It is worth looking at different structures, building materials, getting acquainted with their features and properties. Due to the application of the latest scientific advances, it is possible to engage in the creation of standard buildings with a minimum set of resources, and even builds fairly modern buildings.


What is remarkable about the House Builder game project is that in it you can see an overview of not only construction work, but also all the details in which you were directly involved. For example, you need to initially decide on the shape of the future building, what exactly you will build, what kind of appearance it will have. After that, it is necessary to complete the finishing of the foundation, to carry out the necessary communications, the need for which will arise later. After all, some of them cannot be performed after construction. And then you have to do some small work.

Game features

Use a variety of tools based on your situation and needs. Upgrade your skills, use innovative technologies and equipment, in order to complete the construction as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can make the design as you wish. You need to give the structure to be created an original visual identity that requires different materials. So, if you are interested in the presented project, then we recommend visiting our game portal and downloading the House Builder torrent.

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