Hounds The Last Hope


System requirements Hounds The Last Hope

Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2 Ghz
RAM: 2 Gb
Free space on hard disk: 5 Gb
Video: Nvidia GeForce 8600 card
DirectX Version: 9.0c


Hounds The Last Hope

Hounds The Last Hope is an innovative and fun game project that promises to be a mixture of the best games of today. Developers from the CJ Internet company are preparing to release a new online game in the genre category – a third-person shooter. Yes, you heard right, this is an MMORPG with shooter elements. And to make it much clearer, this game is a mixture of Gears of War and Resident Evil, and this is already a serious argument for a successful game.

More about the game

If you love science fiction, then you should download Hounds The Last Hope via torrent as the game tells the story of the invasion of terrible aliens on Earth, who in just a few days were able to capture and destroy most of the planet. All who survived were able to take refuge in several safe lands. Now they are not making sorties and trying to somehow resist the invaders. As for the users, a huge army of players will act as professional mercenaries who will perform the most dangerous tasks and try to liberate new territories.

Features of the game:

– The game provides 4 classes to choose from: attack aircraft, specialist, support and technician, each of them has its own unique characteristics and preferences in weapons, which allows you to focus on your role in the team;
– the world of the game is not at all nameless, since during the game you can get acquainted with a new unique story that will tell about a vivid confrontation between people and aliens;
– the whole gameplay is divided into many tests and missions that must be completed together with other players at various levels of difficulty, offering different rewards for successful completion;

– in addition to the main gameplay, the game provides a PvP mode, which includes 4 game modes and 8 unique maps, battles take place in the format of team battles;
– the game has a wide range of choice of weapons, which is subdivided into 10 different types and has a lot of possibilities in terms of modifications and improvements;
– well, what kind of virtual world can do without crafting, which invites players to thoroughly go through tests and extract various resources that allow them to create and improve equipment, sometimes creating unique and original types of weapons and armor.

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