Hot Lava

System requirements Hot Lava:

OS: Windows 7 or later
DirectX: Version 11
Disk Space: 10 GB


Hot Lava

Sometimes you really want to return to a cloudless joyful childhood, and it was for such moments that the game Hot Lava was created. The project will plunge you into the world of lava, and you can get those very incredible emotions of childhood. You probably remember that game in which you can’t touch the floor, and after many years you can again play this bright and emotional entertainment, though only in the virtual world. But there are advantages, you no longer need to limit yourself to a room.

More about the game

A variety of dark corridors, schools, beautiful streets and more, all this will help you to go on a steep adventure and with all your might achieve success, naturally, without touching the floor. Can’t you wait to play? Then download the game Hot Lava at the same minute from our site using a torrent, and get ready for unexpected twists of the game.

Game features

The gameplay here is quite simple and is based on the competitive process, on competitions in which you just have to take part. Together with other players you will pass the most difficult levels, obstacle courses on which obstacles, traps, holes and abysses will await you, and much more.

The most interesting thing is that here you will need to not only run forward and jump, as if on platforms, but also do much more. Somewhere you will have to climb the wall, somewhere you will need to jump over the next hole with the toxin, and somewhere you will need to jump over mutated platforms on a children’s scooter – there are many options, and each time you will re-learn some new one the mechanics.

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