System requirements Hospitalize:

Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2 GHz dual core
Video Card: Hardware Accelerated Graphics with 2GB
Disk space: 400 Mb




A wide range of sandboxes replenished with another bright project. If you are a fan of Prison Architect, then you will definitely like Hospitalize. At your disposal is a hospital where you need to create the most comfortable conditions for both patients and doctors. You will encounter all sorts of difficulties that are inherent in medicine. Build a well-maintained hospital and do not forget that the higher the salary, the happier your doctors.

More about the game

To set up a productive workflow for Hospitalize, try to take care of your inventory. The waste of resources will lead to disastrous consequences. Minimize time and consumption of other items. Since the main component of your business is patients who can cause enrichment and bankruptcy, create an established system for their examination. Do it sparingly. You can also save a little money on the supply of medicines. When accepting new employees, make sure that they perform their duties efficiently. Be prepared for difficult decisions that will affect the operation of your medical center.

The hospital will fall into your hands in a very deplorable state, but as you move along the plot and accumulate the necessary skills, you will be able to modernize it, improve each of the parameters. It is worth noting that a well-established system is a pretty profitable business. But do not cross out the human factor. Select staff competently, it must be trained and efficient, respond quickly to orders and recommendations. Some of the patients will appear with strange symptoms and studies will be required to establish a diagnosis. If you are not averse to prescribing treatment and surgery, hurry to download Hospitalize using the convenient menu of our site. To keep abreast of the course of treatment, just look into a special journal.

All patients have different characteristics and respond in their own way to the prescribed treatment. Consider the symptoms when prescribing each course of medication. Some diseases are treated easily and pass quickly, but it will not be easy to cope with some, the death of the wards may affect your reputation, which will affect the financial side of the issue. To prevent this, be extremely attentive to patients and the choice of the right treatment.

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