Hitman: Sniper Challenge

System requirements Hitman: Sniper Challenge

Support only 64-bit systems
OC Windows: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz
Video card: 1 GB of video memory that supports DirectX: 11


Hitman: Sniper Challenge

The project is a threshold, or a demo piece of some features of Hitman: Absolution and is available for PC users. Once it was available as a bonus to pre-order it, but now it is available for anyone who wants to try himself a great sniper. During the gameplay, you will have the opportunity not only to evaluate a piece of the project’s wonderful features, but also to see the abilities of the new game engine. In Hitman: Sniper Challenge you have to complete a serious order for the murder of one of the agents of a large corporation “Steel Arments”. In addition, you will have to annihilate not only the goal itself, but also all of its protection, and the purpose of such actions is not explained.

As an executor of the order, you will be provided with a powerful sniper rifle and given 15 minutes of time until the target leaves the social event. Hitman game: Sniper Test is remarkable in that you have been given all the possibilities of sand gameplay to do this job. You can simply shoot targets or lure them into comfortable positions. In addition to the main task, you will be available and 14 additional tests with different conditions. Hitman: Sniper Challenge can be downloaded on our website, so you can easily immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an assassin.

The computer game Hitman: Sniper Challenge is a great opportunity to remind yourself of the adventures of the famous killer, who until this time was the most popular character in stealth action games.

You have the opportunity to take control of Agent Forty-Seventh once again. Just now, this time he prefers not to act as before. If before that, he had to go on the goal for a long time and painfully, using for this purpose a well-thought-out plan and dressing up as opponents’ costumes, now, it is enough for him to simply use a sniper rifle. He simply climbs onto the tallest building and begins his murderous sniper mission. In order to successfully execute it, you will still have to sweat a little, because unlike other games, here you are betting on an absolute sequence of actions.

So, you should carefully examine the territory in which the action of this project takes place in order to see every possible enemy. Then you need to study their behavior and remember what they do during the working day. That is what will allow you to concentrate on what is happening. At the same time, the more imperceptibly you do it, the better because points are credited to you precisely for how well you will kill each of the opponents. Only because of this, you can get enough money to improve weapons, as well as open a couple of dozen achievements.



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