Hitman: Absolution

System requirements Hitman: Absolution:

OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: with two physical cores (from Intel or AMD)
RAM: 2 GB of RAM
Video card: with 512 MB of video memory based on NV8600, AMD
Disk space: 24.1 GB (+1.66 GB for installation)



Hitman: Absolution

This line of stealth action games can be freely attributed to the reference, and the agent 47 to the master of secretive murders. Each of the parts brings players a great gaming experience in the Stealth genre and hones tactical thinking. We present you Hitman: Absolution – the fifth part of a series about a nameless assassin with a bar code on the back of his head. Square Enix fully translated the game into Russian, which undoubtedly added to the plot screensavers gloss and even more interesting.

As always, the main character is the forty-seventh – a clone of a professional killer working for the “Agency”. This time, he gets a very scrupulous task – to kill his coordinator named Diana, who is suspected of treason. Having completed this task without slowing down, the feelings “wake up” in “bald”, because what his loyal assistant told him turned the mind upside down without emotional assassin. Now he is against his “fathers” and employers, now he is on his own, but this world is cruel and only your skills will help him to survive.

The gameplay of this game has set a certain tendency to follow; now each task will consist of five sublevels, each of which will have obligatory missions to accomplish, allowing to reach the main goal. All locations are very detailed, and their paths are varied. An interactive environment will help you not only to adapt and not impersonate, but also to use it for killing. Secretive passages have become much more, and the disguise system will allow you to try on any costume. All levels can only be completed in the classic Hitman costume, but some of them will be difficult.

After so many years, Agent Forty-Seven returns in a new PC game called Hitman: Absolution. Finally, the players again have the opportunity to try on the famous tuxedo, as well as pick up a couple of silver balls.

The story takes place several years after the events that took place in the game Hitman: Blood Money. Then, the main character successfully managed to get even with his creators, although he almost got into the grave, but fortunately everything worked out. But do not forget that with one goal, he did not have time to figure out – this is the same woman who gave him assignments, and then wanted to kill the protagonist, using poison on him. Now the Agent has finally found her whereabouts and is preparing to make a fiery visit to her mansion. But he didn’t even suspect that he would immediately acquire another adversary who owns a large corporation in the United States of America, so the main character will have to hide from all of them as a matter of urgency.

You have the opportunity to take advantage of many interesting innovations. For example, now hiding becomes much more difficult, because the barcode placed on the back of the head of the protagonist becomes much more noticeable to the people around him, because of which he has to close it with his hand while passing in close proximity to the opponents. But the energy will be depleted.



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