Hero Tower

System requirements Hero Tower

OS: Windows 7 or higher
Processor: Pentium (R) Dual-Core E 5200 2.50GHz or better
Disk space: 150 MB
Gamepad Support: Partial



Hero Tower

Hero Tower is a game that combines the best features of the legendary Minecraft, arcades and puzzles. However, unlike the original Minecraft, you will not need to arm yourself with a pickaxe and survive in a randomly generated world. You will protect the territory from all kinds of troubles, guided by logic, attentiveness and strategy.

More about the game

The game is similar to strategy, but as soon as you start playing, you understand that this is far from the easiest arcade quest. Your hero appears in the corner of a seemingly small map. His task is to get to another corner, that is, to go from entrance to exit. The difficulty of passing lies in the blocks that interfere with the passage: sometimes in order to get around them, you need to try hard. In the labyrinths of levels you can meet monsters, which you need to fight with using the previously found edged weapons. If you like the Minecraft universe, then download Hero Tower on a PC via torrent for free should be mandatory.

Story line

There are no first-person battles here, but the gameplay does not get boring from this. It is impossible to collect all items scattered by level – the space in the inventory is limited. Each item will have to be used alternately and as needed, which is not always convenient, but always interesting. In total, the game has 60 levels, 10 types of cards, 11 powerful bosses. It’s difficult to calculate riddles at all: there are dozens of them at each level.

The game is suitable for those who love puzzles that are closely related to the action, albeit in pixel graphics. Hero Tower will help to develop logic, test the skills of playing arcade quests and provide an opportunity for several hours to enjoy the amazing gameplay.

Game Features:

Pixel graphics as in Minecraft;
View from above;
60 levels;
10 types of locations;
11 powerful bosses;
A variety of puzzles that are not always easy to pass the first time.

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