System requirements Hellpoint

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Anything with 4 cores / threads, 3+ Ghz
Video Card: GeForce GTX 760 or better
Disk Space: 6 GB
Gamepad Support: Full



We present to your attention games in the genre of science fiction with action and RPG elements called Hellpoint, the torrent of which you can download on our game portal. The storyline is about a dying world. Therefore, the atmosphere in the game is rather gloomy. A quantum cataclysm happened after which the living creatures that lived on the planet lost their essence. And to that they lost their memory and now their thoughts are connected with alternative versions, which have stuck with parallel universes.

More about the game

But troubles have just begun with this. After the explosion, a certain substance appeared in the world, which has incredible destructive power. This entity must be urgently returned to its former habitat, otherwise it will simply dissolve our world in a vacuum. You will play for the character, a little strange in appearance, but quite acceptable. It seems that once he was a representative of the human race, but after the cataclysm that happened he turned into such a creature. Hellpoint starts with your character waking up in some abandoned station orbiting a black hole. Since you don’t remember anything, you cannot understand how you ended up there. You have to act at random.

Story line

In the process of playing Hellpoint, you have to figure out how you got there, and also try to correct the negative consequences. But first of all, how to deal with a black hole. Remember that what will happen in the future depends on your actions and decisions. Explore your environment, chat with other characters, collect the maximum amount of information. This information will help you determine your approximate location. Also, the characters change their behavior depending on the position of a larger space object above the station, so sometimes they will be aggressive.

Game features

But as soon as you start researching this anomaly, a large number of enemies will immediately appear. You can fight them with any weapon that can be found at this station. Also, the leaders of your opponents will meet you, and they are very insidious. They also have tremendous power, so they will have to fight with the help of cunning. Try to cope with the difficulties on your Hellpoint path, avoid danger and move forward to find answers to your questions. So you will find out who became the culprit of such a turn of events and whether there is an opportunity to return everything as before. After all, victims need their true appearance and thoughts.

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