Hello Guest

System requirements Hello Guest

OS: Windows 7/8/10
CPU: i5
Video Card: GTX 770 and up
DirectX: Version 12



Hello Guest

Here is an excellent game project that is made in an action format with elements of invisibility. Here we will talk about artificial intelligence, which began to improve independently. The action takes place during the night shift of the guards in one of the abandoned parks called the Golden Apple. Here in the shadows hid one creature that is afraid to go out into the daylight and always follows behind you. To start such an exciting gameplay, you will have to download the Hello Guest torrent for free on our online portal.

More about the game

There is the main role of one of the watchmen of this park, in which not the most pleasant incident happened. A girl named Lucy was killed. You will have to inspect this park when you are looking for evidence in the park. Vandals are constantly trying to get into the park, climbing over fences, here they are engaged in destruction and other not very pleasant things. But Theodore Peterson has to walk around the park in a suit to hide his very original appearance. This character will also be a neighbor, you can verify this when you watch the video. He is trying to act from a position of fear. But he does not count his strengths and receives a heart attack himself.

Game Features

This project has two endings. In order to find out how it all ends in this game, you first need to download the Hello Guest torrent from our online portal for free. One day you will have to witness how your strange neighbor blows up a wall in the fence of an amusement park. When you can fulfill some game conditions, you can check the handle of one of the rocket booths. If you pull the handle towards yourself, then the attraction will begin to work, and the grain will be able to break through even the wall. There is a weather station that you have to visit to further determine the actions in the game.

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