Hellbound the Awakening


System requirements Hellbound the Awakening

OS: Win X
Processor: Intel Core i7
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: Nvidia Gtx360
Disk space: 3 GB
Sound Card: Any
Gamepad support: Full


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Hellbound the Awakening

The game is a 2D action game developed by North Wolf for the PC, as a “one-player” game. The ambience is cartoon-like with fantastic and innovative episodes. In general, the game is rather dark, the goal of which is to take the audience on an atmospheric journey into the depths of hell, coming out of a mysterious little rural outback. We are told about a character who is trapped, mystical, captured by some devilry, in a mining village. To escape and survive, he needs to fight the dark lord and his army and go down into a dark abandoned mine, which will eventually lead him to the lair of hell itself. If you are intrigued by the description, then you definitely recommend downloading Hellbound: the Awakening to your pc via torrent for free.

More about the game

The characters will have the opportunity to face various scary and nasty creatures that are similar to European folklore. The various attacks and abilities that the player and his enemies are endowed with are depicted in 2D graphics, especially hell itself. Due to this, a disturbing feeling and an eerie aftertaste appear throughout the passage. The project contains a large number of corpses, cursed and suffering, with severed limbs or exploded bodies.


Tarot cards will have a huge impact on the entire gameplay. Some meaning will make it easier to start, in other cases you will find yourself in more difficult and unfair situations. The concept is that people born in real life go their way in completely different circumstances. Players will have to do their best to extricate themselves, as some will find it easy and others much more difficult. If you liked the essence of the game, we suggest you download Hellbound: the Awakening to your pc via torrent for free.

Game features

As soon as the character descends to hell, he becomes more powerful based on the cards. The worst conditions of the Tarot will lead to powerful effects and it is worth fighting to get through, depending on the cards he receives. Having received three bad cards at the same time, alas, the hero will become terminally ill. Then you will be given a countdown timer until he dies. Of course, you can extend life for a while, but death is inevitable. Dying from a fatal disease, the game ends.

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